A Virtuous Woman: The Fairytale Story

A Virtuous Woman is a study of the Book of Ruth.  It takes a look at all the people surrounding Ruth and defines how they made a difference in her life. We will discuss how Ruth responds to these people, and how her life parallels to our lives today.

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Truly, the love that Ruth and Naomi displayed to each other was God’s love. When they arrived in Bethlehem they were poor, alone, and probably felt like life had dealt them a bad hand. However, in the end, life was very good, not because of what anyone did except God through the life of this foreign woman.  At one time in Ruth’s life, she was a woman of the world, a pagan worshiper, until she met God through Naomi. Too many times, we forget that we were once women of the world, a sinner, until we met God. Just as Ruth went through the process of change to become virtuous and we must do the same. Ruth was willing to make many changes in her life that created beautiful qualities in her heart and because of Ruth’s willingness to change; she helped change the lives of those around her. She continues to help change the lives of women today as we read her story and understand what it means to be a virtuous woman. What could we do in the lives of those around us if we would be virtuous in the sight of all the people in our town? Through this study, we will learn what it means to be like Ruth; a virtuous woman.