Rebekah’s Confidence

Being confident in Christ comes as we grow in a relationship with the Father. In this study, we will dig into the life of Rebekah to find a confident woman, full of God’s love, strong in her faith and obedient to all that He told her to do. The purpose of this study is to help us grow more confident in our relationship with God.

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Each chapter of this book will reveal a different point that can strengthen our confidence as Christian women to live for Him at all costs. We will learn how we can become a “camel waterer,” to instill confidence in our children, make decisions based on God’s truth, and understand the true definition of submission.  As Christian women, it is important that we find confidence to live for God and endure to the end. God gave us His written word along with the Holy Spirit to guide us in our life.  He gave us examples in His word to teach us to be a woman that fears the Lord, that is kind, loving, content, giving, respectful, confident, and wise with the heart of a servant.  Through this study you will find a well-rounded woman that will teach us much about how we can be all that God has created us to be without losing our identity, our independence, or our integrity and to rise up being strong, wise, and confident women for God.