Grace Harbor Baptist Church – Grove OK – Pastor: Marty Hughes – (918)786-9529

First Baptist Church of St. Elizabeth – St. Elizabeth MO – Women’s Ministry:

Darlene Stickney – (573)493-2598

“God the Father looks for a person wholly devoted to Him. In Sharon, He has a dedicated servant whose heart desires to see lives transformed by truth with practical application. Proverbs 31:30 Ministry is a work God is using for the glory of Christ the Son by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and brings hope and encouragement to women. It is a joy to see the love of God in the life of Sharon in ministry.” Janie Ratzlaff – Biblical Teacher and Radio Host.

“I fully endorse Sharon Hoskins’ teaching and encouragement ministry. Ladies who are privileged to receive from Sharon’s ministry discover not only a deeper walk with our Lord and understanding of God’s word as it applies to their life, but also find an encouraging friend for life! Sharon exemplifies the Scripture found in Proverbs 17:17 ‘a friend loveth at all times’, and James 4:8 ‘draw near to God and He will draw near to you.’ Expect a blessing!” Rev. Kenneth L Downey, National Circuit Rider – Pinewood MN. – 

“I was very touched by the dynamic study; ‘The F.E.A.R. of the Lord.  Through it I reached a fulfillment of spiritual awareness that drew me closer to God.  I now have a joy and understanding of the fear of the Lord.  This spiritual teaching gave me self-awareness and made it applicable to my life.  Not only did I learn through this study but I also developed a friendship with Sharon Hoskins that has truly been a blessing to me.” Millie Knowles – – Shadow Hills Church – Las Vegas, NV

“I highly recommend Sharon Hoskins as a guest speaker for your ladies group or for a retreat.  She held a ladies retreat at our church and it was truly awesome.” Women’s Ministry – Nancee Gore – – Fredericktown, MO

“Sharon is a great speaker, not only to the ladies, but the entire congregation was blessed with the encouragement she shared with our cowboy church.  We strive to have her and her ministry back with us and believe you will say the same after she has been to your group sharing the gospel truth.” Pastor Steve Francis – God’s Country Cowboy Church – (573)768-5694 – Fredericktown, MO.