Adjust or Self-Destruct

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, old things have passed away, behold, all things have become new” I Corinthians 5:17.

Old ways we have learned all our lives including, thinking, habits, routines and our emotions are all deeply ingrained in us and when someone says you need a change, we usually are not very receptive to that line of thinking.  However, that is what the  Scriptures tells us is necessary if we are to avoid a destructive detoriation over time.  No two people are exactly alike so we need to learn where the pitfalls and speed bumps  are tripping us up and bringing conflict in every area of our lives. Most of us hate fighting, strife, contention and loss in our lives.  We do  many things to escape the pain of these consequences, only to find ourselves experiencing more of the same in different circumstances.  Where do we go to find a solid foundation on which to build?  The Word of God has the answer but is one of the last places a person looks into; until they are at the “end of their rope.”

The Lord explains the struggle deep within begins because of having two natures and what He has  done to streamline our lives so we can live in peace, joy, and tranquility with calm without retreating from all relationships and challenges.  He created us for Himself and the struggle hinders His purpose for our lives. Let’s listen to a simple explanation of what has taken place, what can take place, and what will take place; depending on how we want to respond to the leading of the Holy Spirt opening up the wisdom of God through His Word; truly the only solution guidebook we have. We are never offered a pain  free life, nor one without obstacles.  Learning how to maneuver these “natures” will provide helpful insight for seeing our ability to live “IN  CHRIST” with confident victory, overcoming will become a “new natural” lifestyle.

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