We can divide to multiply and that is good even if difficult in action.  We can also divide and shatter unity and oneness.  This is what is happening in our culture today.  We compartmentalize our lives between the sacred and the secular, hoping we will never have to reconcile the two into one.

From early morning duties of getting yourself and family ready for the day’s activities, keeping one’s composure as you travel to mundane responsibilities that have an earthly goal; we are given the opportunity to bring the temporal into the presence of the eternal through the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit provided by the grace of God.

Tozer teaches us to live in a new way of thinking by “living above” and beyond our circumstances while not being removed from them. This lifestyle is not for the “super saint” but for each one that wants to live the “normal” Christian life.

Should we choose to follow the current trend by over simplifying the Truth  we will develop mixed up beliefs with consequences from our own choices.  Culture by Tozer enlightens us in how to restore the balance with a biblical world view.

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